Canadian Nursing History Collection Online Medal - 2000.111.102 - CD2004-0369 / D2004-6127
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Painting: Elizabeth Laurie Smellie - 20000105-054 Oil Painting. Colonel Elizabeth Laurie Smellie, C.B.E., R.R.C., L.L.D., by Kenneth Keith Forbes, Second World War. Canadian Nurses Association Collection
The collection includes a number of paintings of Canadian military nurses by distinguished artists. This one, by Canadian portrait artist Kenneth Forbes, shows Smellie in her dress uniform as Matron-in-Chief of the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps in Canada during the Second World War.
CWM 20000105-054


Uniform - 2000.111.407 - CD2001-382-092 Uniform, student's. Montreal General Hospital School of Nursing, 1944-1960. Canadian Nurses Association Collection
Not all nurses' uniforms were white: pink, blue, green and grey were also common choices. Note the entwined initials of the hospital printed on the uniform fabric.
CMC 2000.111.407


Waistbelt - 20000105-030 - CD2001-311-073
Waistbelt. Matron Helen L. Wilson, Second World War. Canadian Nurses Association Collection
Leather waistbelts, with their distinctive buckle clasps, were part of the uniform worn by all nursing sisters. They changed little over the years and were among the nurses' most popular keepsakes once their nursing careers had ended. This one was worn by Wilson at No. 7 Canadian General Hospital, Taplow, during the Second World War, and at Deer Lodge, Winnipeg after the war.
CWM 20000105-030


Mortarboard - 2000.111.420.3 - CD2001-379-045
Mortarboard. Presented to Ethel Johns by the Winnipeg General Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae upon receipt of her honorary Doctor of Laws, 1948. Canadian Nurses Association Collection
A Canadian leader in nursing education, Johns was appointed as the first Director of the University of British Columbia School of Nursing in 1919.
CMC 2000.111.420.3


Nurse's Bag - 988.1.1-40 - CD2004-0369 / D2004-6129
Nurse's Bag and Contents. L'Hôpital du Sacré-Cœur,
Montreal, 1947.

Gertrude Laporte, graduated 1947.
This nurse's bag contains vials, hypodermic needles, thermometer, scissors, beakers, carafe and burner (for sterilizing needles) and religious medals. This collection also includes her cap, certificates, licence and textbooks.

CMC 988.1.1-40


Medal - 2000.111.102 - CD2004-0369 / D2004-6127