Canadian Nursing History Collection Online Medal - 2000.111.102 - CD2004-0369 / D2004-6127
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  • Christina Bates, Canadian Museum of Civilization
  • Cameron Pulsifer, Canadian War Museum

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  • Stephen Alsford, Web Site Manager, Canadian Museum of Civilization
  • John Corneil, Head, Collections Information, Canadian War Museum
  • Sandra Hammel, Web Developer, Canadian Museum of Civilization
  • Annie Laflamme, Collections Information Liaison, Canadian Museum of Civilization
  • Robert Patterson, Data Administrator and Artifact Documentor, Canadian Museum of Civilization
  • April Tessier, Cataloguer, Canadian War Museum
  • Judith Tomlin, Head, Artifact Documentation, Canadian Museum of Civilization
  • Michèle Watson, Informatics and Telecommunications Analyst, Canadian Museum of Civilization

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  • Harry Foster, Photographer, Canadian Museum of Civilization
  • Isabel Jones, Artifact Documentalist Emeritus
  • John Staunton, Multimedia Documentalist, Canadian Museum of Civilization
  • Merle Toole, Photographer, Canadian Museum of Civilization
  • Chantale Vandecruys, Assistant Registrar

Special Thanks To

  • W. H. Agnew
  • Alumnae Association of the School of Nursing, Toronto General Hospital
  • Vicki Anderson
  • Morgan Baillargeon
  • Bell-Outram Estate
  • Canadian Nurses Association
  • Canadian Red Cross Society
  • Mr. Redmond Chartrand
  • Mr. Joe Douglas and Mr. Stuart Douglas
  • John Fleming
  • Mme. Gisèle Gagné
  • Mr. William Harold Grant
  • Grey Nuns of Montreal
  • Griffins Guns and Antiques
  • Betty Hutchinson
  • Mrs. Clara Isabelle Hyslop
  • Victoria Jackson
  • Jean Johnson
  • Mrs. Gloria Kay
  • Lynn Kirkwood
  • Mrs. C. F. Kumm
  • Mrs. Estelle Lauzon
  • Elizabeth Lindsay
  • Mack Alumni Association
  • Marian McGee
  • Mrs. Isobel McKenna
  • Melville Heritage Museum Inc.
  • Charles Morin
  • National Library of Canada
  • Nurses Alumnae Association, Public General Hospital, Chatham
  • Ontario Medical Supply Ltd.
  • Ottawa General Hospital
  • Mrs. F. G. Patten
  • Dr. David Richeson


Medal - 2000.111.102 - CD2004-0369 / D2004-6127