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The Nursing Sisters' Association of Canada Collection

The artifacts in the Nursing Sisters' Association of Canada collection make up a significant sub-collection within the larger CNA collection. Nursing sisters are nurses who have served within the Canadian Armed Forces. They first formed an association in Edmonton in 1920 as a means of keeping nurses who had served overseas during the First World War in contact. A number of other associations followed and, in 1929, they convened in Montreal to form the Overseas Nursing Sisters' Association of Canada.

In 1944, with the Second World War at its height, membership was broadened to include all nurses serving with the Canadian Armed Forces, and the title Nursing Sisters' Association of Canada was adopted. Today, membership includes dieticians, home sisters (ones without full professional training), and occupational and physical therapists.

The organization's historical collection, which includes uniforms, medals, paintings, documents and photographs, was housed at the CNA headquarters in Ottawa. In 2000, the uniforms, medals and paintings - numbering about 200 items in all - were transferred to the custody of the Canadian War Museum. The documents and photographs were taken to the National Archives, although copies will be made available at the Canadian War Museum.

Painting: Margaret Clothilde Macdonald - 20000105-055 Medals - 20000105-043 - CD2001-311-099 Dress Tunic - 20000105-080 - CD2001-312-053
CWM 20000105-055 CWM 20000105-043 CWM 20000105-080


Medal - 2000.111.102 - CD2004-0369 / D2004-6127