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Instructional Books

The books in the Canadian Nursing History Collection, most donated by the CNA, are representative of the textbooks and instruction manuals Canadian nurses used between 1878 and 1978. The classic textbook, followed by almost all Canadian nurses, was Principles and Practices of Nursing by Bertha Harmer (later by Virginia Henderson and Gladys Nite). It is included in several editions.

The books cover various aspects of nursing, including Cookery, 1905; Nursing Ethics, 1916; Materia Medica, 1899-1916; Care of Sick Children, 1916; Obstetrics, 1911; Bandages and Dressings, 1916; Midwifery, 1908; Public Health Nursing, 1913-1953; Anatomy and Physiology, 1903-1948; Hygiene and Sanitation, 1913; Gynecology, 1933; Tuberculosis, 1934; and Tropical Nursing, 1946.

In addition to published works, the Canadian Nursing History Collection contains early notebooks, written by students as lecture notes. Included is a notebook on Materia Medica, which was kept by a student at the Prince Edward Island Hospital in 1894 [notebook 2000.111.134].

Notebook - 2000.111.134 - CD2001-62-043
CMC 2000.111.134

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Medal - 2000.111.102 - CD2004-0369 / D2004-6127