Crossroads of Culture 200 Years of Canadian Immigration (1800-2000)
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Personal Mementos

This opium bowl was found in a deserted mining camp in North Bend, British Columbia, believed to have been operated by the Chinese before the turn of the last century. The symbols around the bowl represent the Taoist eight treasured objects. (Chinese)

Vietnamese currency brought to Canada by a Vietnamese refugee from Hai Phong. Three years after being in a Hong Kong refugee camp in 1981, he emigrated to Hamilton, Ontario. (Vietnamese)

A Sri Lankan comic book from 1984. (Sri Lankan)

This plaque represents Saint Volodymyr's trident, the Ukrainian national emblem from the coin of Volodymyr the Great of the 10th century. The trident was adopted by the Ukrainian National Republic as a national symbol of independent Ukraine in 1918. This specific trident was found in the publishing office of "Ukrainske Slovo" in Paris, in 1944. (Ukrainian)

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