Crossroads of Culture 200 Years of Canadian Immigration (1800-2000)
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Since the 1960s, the Canadian Museum of Civilization has been collecting immigrant artifacts and documenting cultural traditions. Its interdisciplinary approach encompasses anthropology, ethnology, sociology, history and folk culture.

The Museum collects artifacts brought over by immigrants, items created by immigrants and their descendants with Canadian materials and local ideas, and items that continue to be useful and functional in immigrants' homes. It also collects historical, social, communal, familial and cultural material in order to contextualize those artifacts.

In this section we present artifacts, organized by category, and highlight just a few of the most interesting pieces for that category. Make sure that you click on the "View all items in the collection" icon at the bottom of each category page in order to view the many other items we have selected for your viewing.



Laundry basket, German
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