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Word Cache
Find the hidden words in a jumble of letters.

Bead Amaze
Discover traditional Aboriginal bead patterns with this creative activity!

Spelling Tree
Improve your spelling skills and vocabulary with a twist on the classic game of hangman!

Arctic Glimpses
This modern version of the sliding tile puzzle challenges kids of all ages!

People, Places and Things
Try your hand at identifying the region of Canada in which these objects were made!

Gateway Wordplay
A crossword puzzle is always fun to play!

Gateway Adventure in Colouring
Looking for something to do? Get out your coloured pencils and have fun with this collection of downloadable colouring pages!


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Learning Activities

Kindergarten-Grade 4; Quebec Cycle 1-2
Lesson Plans & Worksheets

Grades 5-8; Quebec Elementary Cycle 3, Secondary Cycle 1
Lesson Plans & Worksheets

Grades 9-12; Quebec Secondary Cycle 2
Lesson Plans and Worksheets