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Hawkes, E.W. 1973. The Inviting-in feast of the Alaskan Eskimo. Ottawa: National Museums of Canada, National Museum of Man. 20 p. Note: Facsimile of the 1913 ed. published by Dept. of Mines, Geological Survey of Canada. (Memoir; 45. Anthropological Series; 3).
The paper version is out of print
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Cover and Table of Contents (407 KB)
Introductory (2.2 MB)
The Kázgi, or Dance-House (1.3 MB)
The Näskuk, or Maker of the Feast (1.0 MB)
The dance-songs (1.9 MB)
Comic dances (1.7 MB)
Group dances (1.2 MB)
Totem dances (1.5 MB)
Key and characters used (130 KB)
Addendum (919 KB)
Plates I to XI (7.1 MB)
Other Mercury Series Publications (1.4 MB)