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Located in the interior of southern British Columbia, the Plateau region is a diverse terrain of rolling grasslands, forested river valleys, and mountains. Traditionally, its Aboriginal inhabitants were seasonal migrants in search of game and fish supplemented by the gathering of plants for food and medicines. Cattail, tule rushes, silverberry willow, Indian hemp, bear grass, cedar, spruce and sagebrush were among the plants harvested for raw materials. Fibres prepared from their bark or roots were suitable for weaving fishnets, household mats, cradles, bags, and baskets used in all aspects of daily life. In some Plateau cultures, woven clothing such as capes, ponchos, shirts, pants, leggings, hats and socks protected against the rain or dry heat of summer. The knowledge and skills to create woven fabric are still present today.

Given the information provided, can you identify the three (3) objects from the Plateau region? Check the boxes below the images you think are correct. Good luck!

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