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The buffalo was the primary source of food and raw materials for clothing, tools and shelter, and following the herds was a way of life for most Aboriginal peoples living on the Canadian prairies until the mid-1800s. Aboriginal trade networks provided an opportunity to exchange hides, clothing, food and other items, and as in all regions of Canada, contact with Europeans supplemented the natural resource base with manufactured goods such as cloth, metal and glass beads. In earlier times, geometric patterns in paint and quillwork were used to decorate skin clothing and containers but they began to be replaced by bands of "pony" beads, often in shades of white and blue. Metal needles made possible the use of tiny "seed" beads and more complex floral patterns became popular as trade cloth took the place of skin. Beadwork continues to adorn garments worn today.

Given the information provided, can you identify the three (3) objects from the Plains region? Check the boxes below the images you think are correct. Good luck!

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