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Inuit are the traditional inhabitants of this northern-most region of Canada. Snow and ice cover the land for much of the year. Because of this, Inuit relied almost exclusively upon the abundant animal resources available to them for food, clothing, shelter, fuel, transportation, and tools. Caribou, musk ox, polar bear, seal, walrus, and whale were among the animals hunted, as were birds such as ptarmigan, loons, ducks and geese. Warm, dry clothing was essential to survival, and parkas, trousers, mittens and footwear were made from the lightweight hide of the caribou and the waterproof skin of the seal. The feathered skins of the loon and eider duck also made well-insulated clothing. Today most Inuit wear commercially produced clothing but traditional skin garments are still worn as additional protection while traveling on the land or for special occasions.

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