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The northeastern forests of Canada cover several geographic regions - the Atlantic Coast, St. Lawrence Lowlands, and the Great Lakes. The climate along the St. Lawrence was favourable to agriculture and Aboriginal peoples living there farmed and settled in villages. Hunting, fishing, gathering and a limited amount of horticulture sustained the more nomadic groups around the central lakes and on the east coast. The forest provided plants and trees for foods, medicines, and raw materials. A vital resource, birch bark was lightweight and water-repellent, ideal for making canoes, wigwams, and a variety of containers for food preparation and storage. With the arrival of Europeans, birch bark objects became important trade and souvenir items and many were created especially for this market. European motifs such as the Scotch thistle were often incorporated into the decorative moose hair and porcupine quill designs sewn on them. Contemporary artisans continue to use these traditional materials.

Given the information provided, can you identify the three (3) objects from the Woodlands region? Check the boxes below the images you think are correct. Good luck!

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