Gateway Adventure: People, Places and Things

Canada is a country rich in natural resources and human ingenuity. From the harsh climate of the Arctic, to the temperate rainforests of the Pacific Coast, Aboriginal peoples have always demonstrated an understanding of and appreciation for the unique environments in which they live. This is reflected in the choice of materials used for food, the manufacture of clothing, shelter and tools, and in the forms of transportation developed.

Extensive Aboriginal trade networks provided an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and resources, and contact with Europeans saw the introduction of manufactured goods such as glass beads, cloth and metal.

Today's Aboriginal peoples no longer rely upon the land for their survival. They live and work in urban centres, small towns, villages and on ranches and reserves. Many retain a close connection to their traditional culture and heritage.

This game challenges you to identify objects made from a range of natural and man-made resources, and encourages you to learn from which geographical region they originated.