Selling Smoke
Selling Smoke

How Canadian Cigar Boxes Pitched Their Wares  1883-1935

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Before lighting a cigar, the smoker usually had to cut, puncture, or bite off its sealed end so when he put it in his mouth, he could draw smoke through it. Several manufacturers offered a cigar that was ready split or pierced—an added convenience that, in the case of Peg Top and Stonewall Jackson, may have been what made their cigars best sellers for decades.

Cigar box label : Peg Top  
Peg Top
Trimmed nailed wood box (50)
Factory 2 IRD 17 Series of 1915
L.O. Grothé , Montreal, Que.
CMC 2003.46.59 | S2003-3322
Cigar box label : Split End  
Split End
Trimmed nailed wood box (50)
Factory 43 IRD 31 Series of 1897
Jones Bros., Woodstock, Ont.
CMC 2004.38.24 | D2004-19396
Cigar box label : Tooth Pick  
Tooth Pick
Trimmed nailed wood box (50)
Factory 4 Port 33-E Series of 1922
H.E. Cooke & Co., Owen Sound, Ont.
CMC 2004.38.64 | D2004-19827
Cigar box label : Stonewall Jackson  
Trimmed nailed wood box (50)
Factory 11 Port 50-E Series C
General Cigar Co., Toronto, Ont.
CMC 2001.185.62
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