Marius Barbeau A glimpse of Canadian Culture (1883-1969)
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Large plane, which was usually operated by two people. One of the two people could either push the plane with a pole or pull it with a rope. (French Canadian)

Plane used to make tongue and groove wood pieces. (French Canadian)

Awl, © CMC/MCC, 65-38.6

Awl Enlarge image

Hand-made awl with a sharpened needle. The awl was used to make holes through which the thread will be pulled. (French Canadian)

Wheelwright's traveler. The tool was used to measure the diameter of each wheel (e.g. carriage wheel) to then calculate the size needed for replacement. (French Canadian)

Broad axe used for smoothing or shaping wood surfaces. The blade is sharpened on the right hand side which suggests that this tool was used by a right handed person. (French Canadian)

Jack plane made of hardwood. (French Canadian)

Plough plane made of maple wood and brass. It has an adjusting screw to operate brass gauge. (French Canadian)

Divider for marking lines or measuring, probably used in the making of wheels. (French Canadian)

Hand-made wooden winder with horizontal floor frame. (French Canadian)

Small compass saw with wooden handle used to cut wood. (French Canadian)

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