Marius Barbeau A glimpse of Canadian Culture (1883-1969)
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Hand carved and gilded wooden bracket. (French Canadian)

Hand carved wood console with cherub heads carved by Québec sculptor Louis Jobin (1845-1928). Originally this piece would have been mounted on a wall and supported a statue. (French Canadian)

Birdhouse which is a model of a two storey house with a Mansarde style roof. (French Canadian)

Key, © CMC/MCC, 77-1138.2

Key Enlarge image

Metal lock key. (French Canadian)

Tin escutcheon in the shape of a twisted heart which served as a protective plate around a keyhole. (French Canadian)

Birdhouse made of small vertical logs nailed to a wood base. (French Canadian)

Weathervane made of wood. (French Canadian)

Door handle set. An iron rod, with a tin leaf and rosette, connects the two handles. (French Canadian)

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