Marius Barbeau A glimpse of Canadian Culture (1883-1969)
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Cylindrical canister which originally contained candy. Centered on both sides is an oval label printed with 'FINE / CONFECTIONERY'. 'Allspice / Whole' has been handwritten in black grease pencil on the label. (Canadian)

Large, rectangular wood cigar box with a paper hinged lid. The inner lid has an illustration of Lord Tennyson framed with fairy-type figures. Text on the box reads, 'Sells Without / Advertising / Sells Without / Canvassing / Because 'It Is The Greatest 5 cents Cigar in The World' / $1,000.00 Reward / Will be paid to anyone proving this Cigar not to Contain a / High Grade All Havana Filler. S. Davis & Sons Limited / Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver'. (Unknown)

Shallow, rectangular wood cigar box with fabric hinged lid. Information printed or stamped into the wood surface reads 'FLOR FINA' and is framed with tobacco leaves. Outlined below this are four conditions outlined under Canadian Statutes stipulating that once emptied the box must be destroyed and not reused.

The Canadian Statutes referred to on the bottom of the box are probably concerned with this excise tax; and were legislated to prevent the sale of untaxed merchandise by using packaging marked tax paid. (Unknown)

These types of calipers measure thicknesses and the outside diameters of objects. (French Canadian)

Stencil in a thin rectangular brass sheet. The words PETIT ROUGE / "LEAF TOBACCO" are cut in the stencil. (French Canadian)

Tobacco cutter, with a metal blade and a horse on top. (French Canadian)

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