Marius Barbeau A glimpse of Canadian Culture (1883-1969)
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Basket in the shape of an acorn with a cover woven sweet grass, 1911. (Huron-Wendat)

Novelty basket called "porte-cheveux" which was used to hold hair. (Huron-Wendat)

This basket seems to have been used to hold matches. (Huron-Wendat)

"Pack Basket" or "mocock" made from a single piece of elm bark seamed on two sides with bark. Its edges are lined with hickory twigs and bark. (Huron-Wendat)

Beaded basket made of buckskin. (Wyandotte)

Birch bark basket made from a single piece of bark folded together at the ends. A spruce root handle is tied to the two folded ends. (Huron-Wendat)

Fancy basket; five small plaited baskets joined by ribbon to a larger central basket. (Iroquois)

Large covered basket with loop handles on sides. (Gayogho:no)

Small carrying basket. (Cayuga)

Women's work basket, with a double row of purple tinted ribbon loops along its sides. (Cayuga)

Carrying basket with ribbon splint decoration. (Cayuga)

Hand woven hominy basket sieve. (Cayuga)

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