Marius Barbeau A glimpse of Canadian Culture (1883-1969)
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Small glass bottle with a rubber stopper containing seeds. It was originally acquired by a Québec farmer, from the Agriculture Canada Research Station near Lennoxville, Québec to decorate his kitchen. They were later identified by a seed grower as a variety over 75 years old and no longer in production in Canada. (Unknown)

Seeder made of wood and metal with a rectangular container for the seeds and a leather strap for rotating the device. (French Canadian)

Cradle fork made of wood, with a short handle probably made of ash. (French Canadian)

A winnower, or basket used for sifting timothy seed in order to separate them from the chaff. The base of this basket is made of deerskin or doeskin. (French Canadian)

A cutter of French Canadian origin used to cut root vegetables, such as turnips and carrots, for livestock. (French Canadian)

Blueberry picking scoop, made of tin, designed for the manual harvesting of wild blueberries. The bush was raked, using the nineteen wire teeth, or prongs, embedded at one end of the scoop so that the blueberries could fall into the attached container. (French Canadian)

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