Marius Barbeau A glimpse of Canadian Culture (1883-1969)
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Academic hood made of red silk and gold with ermine trim, given to Marius Barbeau for an honorary doctorate from Laval University. (French Canadian)

Green sash, made of wool, belonging to Marius Barbeau. This sash was part of the uniform of Sainte-Anne college. (French Canadian)

Iroquois beadwork goes back hundreds of years to a time when beads made from shells and bird bones were used instead of the tiny glass cylinders first brought to North America by European explorers in the 16th century. (Wyandotte)

On an oblong brooch collected in 1912. It has an amateurish form and shows the use of the touch mark as a decoration. (Wyandotte)

Large silver brooch. It is round, with a raised rim around a circular central opening. It is slightly convex and is pierced with diamond and elliptical shapes. (Cayuga)

Plaited red and green garter (ceinture à flamme). One of a pair worn around the knee in dances of former times. (Iroquois)

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