Glass Works

The story of glass and glass-making in Canada

Given the abundance and variety of glass in our everyday lives, it is a challenge to step back and recognize what an exceptional material glass is. Glass is used to make containers for food and drink; home, beauty and health products; lighting apparatus, scientific, medical, and industrial equipment; objects for recreational activities; and purely decorative works of art.

Store Window - CD95-541-071 Confectionery Store Window,
"Palace of Sweets"
CMC F-10994

Hand mirror
CMC F-8286
Mirror - CD94-526-045

Thermometer - CD95-173-100 Thermometer, advertizing mustard
CMC F-11023

Glass beaker, graduated, "Rigo",
Richards Glass Co., Toronto
CMC 997.9.12.1
Beaker - CD97-481-001


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