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626 - Introduction

Recap: 1942-1943
The young Maurice Richard 
Forum program, November 8, 1942

Recap: 1943-1944
The Three-Star Game  Stanley Cup, 1943-1944     Start of page
Maurice Richard's Number 9 Sweater   Forum program October 20, 1943

Recap: 1944-1945
5 Goals after the Big Move     Start of page
50 / 50 trophy

Recap: 1945-1946
From the blue line in, The Rocket was relentless    Stanley Cup, 1945 - 1946  Start of page
The Piggyback Goal

Recap: 1946-1947
By 1946, The Rocket is hero to thousands of young fans     Start of page
The Rocket as Superman

Recap: 1947-1948
The Knees Goal  Hart Trophy     Start of page
The Punch Line

Recap: 1948-1949
Goal 200 trophy  Conn Smythe tries to buy The Rocket's contract    Start of page
Official National Hockey League Guide 1948

Recap: 1949-1950
Howie Morenz Trophy  All-Star team sweater, 1949     Start of page
Beehive Corn Syrup promotional Stanley Cup ring  The popular American comic book, Babe Ruth Sports, features a 3-page story about The Rocket

Recap: 1950-1951
The Rocket chalks up his latest     Start of page
Goal 271 trophy

Recap: 1951-1952
The Unconscious Goal     Start of page
The Bloody Meeting
Recap: 1952-1953
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Richard meet Queen Elizabeth  Stanley Cup, 1955-1956 Start of page
The Jump

Recap: 1953-1954
Increasing Violence     Start of page
Richard often feels victimized by officials

Recap: 1954-1955
Goal 400 hero  The Richard Riot  A smoke bomb goes off during the game    Start of page
The Mayor of Montreal presents Richard with a carving by famous Quebec artist André Bourgault  Fans attack NHL president Campbell  After the Riot: Hero and Villain

Recap: 1955-1956
Richard scores the Stanley Cup winning goal  Stanley Cup, 1955-1956  Start of page
Richard licensing his name

Recap: 1956-1957
The Maurice Rocket Richard Trophy  Stanley Cup, 1956-1957  Start of page
Richard's fifth Stanley Cup

Recap: 1957-1958
The Rocket scores #500  Stanley Cup, 1957-1958  Start of page
The Rocket's Achilles tendon is accidentally severed

Recap: 1958-1959
Prime Minister John Diefenbaker 
presents Richard with the 
Lou E. Marsh Memorial Trophy  Stanley Cup, 1958-1959     Start of page
An Unexpected Hero's Welcome: Prague, 1959   Richard wins his fourth Stanley Cup in a row

Recap: 1959-1960
Stick used to score #544  Stanley Cup, 1959-1960  Start of page
Richard with his last Stanley Cup  The Rocket announces his retirement

Recap: Overtime 1
The Rocket, inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame  Maurice Richard attracts crowds  Quebec Sports Hall of Fame Induction Trophy     Start of page
544 Milestone Award  Maurice Richard Trophy

Recap: Overtime 2
Richard as an ambassador  The Rocket develops a business to sell a custom brand of fishing line     Start of page
Maurice Richard's Number 9 Tavern  The Rocket, Vice President of S. Albert & Co.

Recap: Overtime 3
Félix Leclerc arm wrestles with The Rocket  The Rocket has become a subject for painters and sculptors across Canada     Start of page
Jean-Paul Riopelle incorporates the silhouette of Richard's hands and stick in a spray-painted collage

Recap: Final overtime
The Rocket is given a heartfelt, 8-minute ovation  Shania Twain wearing NHL Canadiens-inspired outfit     Start of page
Richard is lionized by a generation of young Quebec performers