Rocket Richard: The Legend - The Legacy

APRIL 9, 2004 TO FEBRUARY 20, 2005

This landmark exhibition celebrated Montreal Canadiens hockey star Maurice "The Rocket" Richard. It showed how this sports hero became
a Quebec legend, a Canadian icon and a world celebrity.


Curator: I. Sheldon Posen

Project Manager: Danielle Goyer

Web Design & Development: Charles Whalen

Translator: Jean-Luc Duguay

Editors: Victoria Barkoff, Jean Luc Duguay

The Canadian Museum of Civilization would also like to thank the following people:

Marc Contant and Family
Daniel Contant and Family
Hockey Hall of Fame
Marc Juteau
Stéphane Juteau
Chris Kitzan
Julia Krueger
Gabriel Labbé
Mac McDiarmid
Montreal Canadiens Hockey Club
Heather Nikischer
Paul Patskou
Andrew Podnieks
The Maurice Richard Family
Jean Senécal
Shania Twain