Rocket Richard
 Emile Francis
 Photo: courtesy of the Hockey Hall of  Fame

The Knees Goal

"The best play I think I've ever seen in hockey was made by [The Rocket]. Bill Gadsby was a big defenceman in those days, and Ralph Nattrass was another big defenceman. Rocket came in from the blue line and he carried both those guys on his back and then he beat me. So he beat three of us on the play. The two guys were tugging on him and hanging onto him all the way from the blue line in. He was on his knees by the time he got to the net and, so help me, he got the shot away and put it past me into the top corner. Like I said, that was maybe the greatest play I ever saw, certainly as a goalie." (Emile Francis, goalie, Chicago Blackhawks, as told to Dick Irvin, The Habs)