1. The Railway Era — Canadian Pacific Gallery
The Canadian Pacific Charitable Foundation is gratefully acknowledged for its generous donation to the construction of the Canadian Pacific Gallery.

The completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) in 1885 fulfilled a dream — the vision of a nation stretching from sea to sea. The railway forged new links between the regions, shrinking the vast distances, and playing a fundamental role in the settlement and development of the Canadian West.

A striking symbol of these new links was the CPR station through which people and goods flowed into and out of the numerous towns established as the railway moved west. Canada Hall visitors retrace the westward journey of earlier generations as they enter a CPR station on the main street of an Ontario town — and emerge in Saskatchewan.

Inside the station, multimedia displays, authentic CPR artifacts and live performances tell the story of Canada's western expansion and the profound impact the railway had on the growth of the Canadian West. A freight shed, where visitors will encounter a dramatic model of a typical town along the CPR, and a 1920s boxcar on a railway siding complete the scene.

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This gallery highlights the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway, an event which played a fundamental role in the settlement and development of the Canadian West. A CPR railway station, 1920s boxcar, artifacts, multimedia presentations and theatre performances are featured.

Opened: June 18, 1996