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National Forum on Health

Chaired by Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, the National Forum on Health examined four key issues facing medicare between 1994 and 1997. These were “(1) the determinants of health; (2) evidence-based decision making; (3) values that should guide health system renewal and policy development; and (4) ethical dilemmas and the identification of strategies to improve the efficiency of the health care system and to put resources where they have the greatest potential to improve the health of Canadians” (Anne Crichton et al., Health Care: A Community Concern?: Developments in the Organization of Canadian Health Care Services [Calgary: University of Calgary Press, 1997], p. 252). The implementation of the Canada Health and Social Transfer, however, led the provinces to refuse to participate in the forum’s deliberations. In its final report, Canada Health Action: Building on the Legacy, the forum called for national pharmacare and home care programs, and recommended increased funding for health, health care research, health information and health management systems. These proposals became part of the vigorous public debate about the future of medicare.

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