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Canadian Federation of Agriculture

In 1942, the 300,000 members of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the interests of farmers, supported the creation of a national health insurance plan that would be federally funded, but provincially administered by lay members of the health commissions. In addition to universal coverage, each provincial plan would include preventive services and support independent general practices, as well as hospitals. The CFA’s widely circulated pamphlet “Health on the March” strongly contributed to public support for national health insurance by providing the basis for discussions held through the National Farm Radio Forum.

Photo: Health on the March
Health on the March

Cover of the 31-page pamphlet on national health insurance planning for Canada prepared by the Canadian Federation of Agriculture
Library and Archives Canada, MG28, I 103, Box 345, e008440967. © Canadian Federation of Agriculture.

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