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Letters to R. B. Bennett

Letter number 397680

Campbellton, N.B.
Nov. 29, 1932

Dear frend

I am taking the pleasure in rinting you a few lines to ask you if you would healp me out in some way for I am sick and I can[t] work and the Dotor wount halp me out in anny way witeout money I toat you would halp me wite a treamen for I tink you are the onny one would halp me out I vouted for you so trie halp me out in some way and I will never for get you I am yours very truly Rufus snider

Letter number 483363-5, translation

Beeton Station, Quebec
February 9, 1934
Honourable R. B. Bennett

Dear Sir

Please forgive me for asking you for help. Since I have not been able to get anything from the council after several requests I thought of contacting you, maybe you won’t say no. I worked for you a few years ago and I will work again in the future. I have been sick for the past 5 years, 4 years ago, I spent 6 months in the hospital and since then I’ve always done what I could to give my family what they need today I can’t do anything at all. I need to go back to the hospital right away, the doctor told me that I can’t live much longer without care. I have 6 young children, I’m 42 years old I don’t have money, we don’t have any more food, no clothing all we are — think about it my dear Mr. R.B. Bennett a cold winter like we’re having. The children complain because they’re hungry and cold I can’t give them what they ask for to tell the truth it’s very sad —
I hope my letter will be considered and to receive a reply soon


Arsene Gaudet

(Linda M. Grayson et Michael Bliss, dir., The Wretched of Canada: Letters to R. B. Bennett, 1930–1935, Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1971, p. 37-38, 74.)

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