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The Lure of the River
Sport Fishing in New Brunswick
The Rivers
The Lure of the River: Sport Fishing in New Brunswick


New Brunswick's river systems support a famous inland sports fishery.

New Brunswick has sometimes been referred to as the "river province". Several main river systems dissect the province from north, south, east and west, providing a suitable habitat for the great Atlantic Salmon, especially in the northern half of the province. Brook Trout are also plentiful in the rivers and lakes of this region. In the more populous south, there are several varieties of trout and the Smallmouth Bass, a sport fish which, until the 1960s, was all but ignored.

Fishing rivers and cities

The primary fishing rivers and cities in New Brunswick

1 Edmundston | 2 Campbellton  |  3 Bathurst  |  4 Miramichi (Chatham / Newcastle)  |  5 Moncton  |  6 Fredericton  |  7 Saint John

a Kedgwick  |  b Restigouche  |  c Upsalquitch  |  d Nepisiguit  |  e N.W. Miramichi  |  f Little S.W. Miramichi  |  g Tobique  |  h Main S.W. Miramichi  |  i Cains  |  j Magaguadavic  |  k Saint John River

Sport fishing began to emerge as an important tourist attraction for visitors and provincial residents alike in the mid-nineteenth century. Despite challenges brought on by river dams, pollution and increasing fishing pressure, sport fishing remains a viable activity and industry today.

Reproduction of original oil painting - 
New Brunswick Museum

reproduction of original oil painting of salmon and grilse (one year old salmon) on beach, "W.R. Brackett/ Boston, 1878"
(New Brunswick Museum, 43.51)



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