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Aux Quatre Jeudis, 42-44 Laval Street, 2004
© CMCC, photo: Harry Foster, no. D2005-00128

Aux Quatre Jeudis Café
42-44 Laval Street

From 1877 to 1957, the Laflèche family lived in four successive buildings on this site and ran their business there. Following three fires, Isaïe Laflèche was forced to build a fourth building in 1900, a brick structure in the Italian style. It housed a grocery store, a flat and a public hall. The regular clientele of the Laflèche grocery were great talkers. The first Catholic union, forerunner of the CSN (Confederation of National Trade Unions), was born in the hall on the second floor. Since 1978, the Aux Quatre Jeudis Café has been a centre of social and cultural activities. A mirror of social change, the history of this building shows how cafés have replaced the grocery store as meeting places and have become centres of artistic and social activity.

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