Golf Playing Through: Golf, the Canadian Story

A sport enjoyed by over five million Canadians, golf has attracted a widespread interest across the country. Golf is an ancient game, and has a long history in Canada. Over the past hundred years, the perception of golf has shifted from being a sport of the rich and famous to being a sport that anyone - men, women, young and old - can play and enjoy, a game for all.

The focus of this virtual exhibition is on the equipment of golf, outlining the history of the game in Canada, and highlighting the Canadian component of the golf industry; objects from the Canadian Museum of Civilization collections are used to illustrate this story.

Collecting the
Implements of Golf
Golfing Through the Ages :
1700 to 1850
Golf Comes to Canada :
1850 to 1900
The Rise of Technology :
1901 to 1920
Made in Canada :
1921 to 1950
Holing Out
Information about
Golf in Canada
The Publication