Golf Playing Through: Golf, the Canadian Story

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The Implements of Golf: A Canadian Perspective

By W. Lyn Stewart and David R. Gray

The Implements of Golf: A Canadian Perspective

Golfing equipment tells a fascinating story of how technology has influenced the development of this popular sport. In the evolution of the game of golf, changes in the materials and techniques in the making of golf balls have been followed by changes to the clubs, to the game itself, and the courses on which golf is played. As the ancient game of golf has a long history in Canada, equipment used or made in Canada can tell the story of golf in Canada, and shows the importance of changing technology in the development of the game. Objects from the Canadian Museum of Civilization's collections trace the development of balls and clubs from the early Scottish handmade feathery balls and longnosed wooden clubs, to the high tech metal and plastic clubs and scientifically designed balls of the modern game of golf. The Canadian component of the golf industry is found not only in the production of balls and clubs, but also in the fascinating area of golf accessories.

Mercury Series
History, Paper 49
ISBN 0-660-17848-6
47 pp., 2001
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