Inuit in England

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When the Inuit man fell ill, he wisely refused to have his blood let by the surgeon who was called. This decision was supported by Frobisher's people, with whom he was living. The surgeon blamed his death on their kindness in providing him too much food and preventing him from receiving medical care.

Calichough died from pneumonia aggravated by broken ribs, an injury which probably occurred when he was originally captured. The woman died the following week. The infant survived his mother, and was sent to London in care of a nurse. However, the child also fell ill and, despite medical attention, died before he could be presented to Queen Elizabeth. He was buried at St. Olave's church in London.

"Burials in Anno 1577: Collichang, a heathen man buried the 8th of November. Egnock a heathen woman buried the 13th of November."

(Parish Register, St. Stephen's Church, Bristol)


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