A Basket from Kodlunarn Island


A large portion of a basket was preserved by permafrost in the "Ship's Trench" mine at the north end of Kodlunarn Island. The basket was used to carry ore from the mines to the ships.

Basket Use of a wicker basket to carry coal
From De re metallica, by Georg Bauer, 1556

Transverse and radial sections of twigs from the basket were made to identify wood species and assess its physical condition. In the sections, the anatomical features are consistent with willow, but the advanced state of deterioration and the use of shoots as the raw material made the identification tentative. The sections show that approximately 85% of the material of the cell walls has disappeared. An unexpected feature of the sections is that the remains of an unidentified resinous coating have penetrated the cell walls.

Text: Charles Hett )

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