Everyone Can Do It
As the right to vote was extended to all Canadian citizens, advance polling and a host of other voting options were implemented to ensure everyone has the opportunity to exercise their right.

Past A History of the Vote in CanadaPresent Federal Elections TodayFuture The Future is in Your Hands
British North America (1758-1866)From a Privilege to a Right (1867-1919)The Modern Franchise (1920-1997)
Electoral LegislationRacial and Religious ExclusionsImproving Accessibility

Making the Vote Universal and Accessible
The modern era in the history of the vote in Canada began with the adoption of the 1920 Dominion Elections Act. Discrimination that had always been present in the electoral system was gradually eliminated until the right to vote was extended to virtually every Canadian citizen and, in 1982, guaranteed in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. A variety of steps were taken to make voting even more accessible and convenient for all electors, including those with disabilities and those unable to go to their polling station on election day.

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