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Northern People, Northern Knowledge - 
The Story Of The Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913 - 1918
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Northern Party
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Southern Party
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Karluk and Wrangel Island
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Expedition Reports
Canada, Department of Mines. Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18. Volumes 3 to 14. Ottawa: King's Printer. Various dates, 1922 to 1944.

Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-1918
Volume I: General Introduction, Narrative, Etc. (not published)
Volume II: Mammals and Birds (not published)
Volume III: Insects 1919-1922
Volume IV: Botany 1921-1924
Volume V: Botany 1921-1924
Volume VI: Fishes, Tunicates Etc. 1922 (Fishes section not published)
Volume VII: Crustacea 1919-1922
Volume VIII: Mollusks, Echinoderms, Coelenterates, Etc. 1919-1924
Volume IX: Annelids, Parasitic Worms, Protozoans, Etc. 1919-1924
Volume X: Plankton, Hydrography, Tides Etc. 1920
Volume XI: Geology and Geography 1924
Volume XII: The Copper Eskimos 1922-1923
Volume XIII: Eskimo Folklore 1924
Volume XIV: Eskimo Songs - Songs of the Copper Eskimos 1925
Volume XV: Eskimo Language and Technology
Volume XVI: Archaeology (not published)

Diaries of Canadian Arctic Expedition Members
1. At National Archives of Canada: Most members of the Northern Party, some of the Southern Party: Karsten Andersen, Baur, Castel, Chipman, Cox, Hadley, Jenness, Knight, Noice, O'Neill, Stefansson, Storkersen, and Wilkins.

2. At Canadian Museum of Nature Archives: R.M. Anderson, Blue, Nahmens, and Sweeney.

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