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Northern People, Northern Knowledge - 
The Story Of The Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913 - 1918
The People of the CAE: Leaders, Scientists, Captains And Crews, Local Assistants
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The Karluk

1. Leader and Captain

Captain Robert (Bob) Barlett
Although he was born in Newfoundland, Bartlett became a naturalized American. Captain Bartlett was a member of two of Robert Peary's Polar expeditions, as master of Peary's ship Roosevelt, 1908-09, and part of the advanced polar sledging party, and spent three winters in the polar regions. Bartlett became captain of the Karluk in 1913 and was the last person on board when it sank in January of 1914. After establishing a camp on Wrangel Island, Bartlett and Kataktovik crossed the treacherous ice to the Siberian coast and travelled east to Emma Harbour. Bartlett was picked up by Capt. Pedersen and the Herman in May 1914 and taken back to Alaska. There he arranged for the rescue of the Wrangel Island survivors and met them just off the coast with the US Bear. Bartlett made many more voyages to the Eastern Canadian Arctic, most on his own schooner Effie M. Morrisey. Captain Bartlett died in New York in April 1946. His birthplace at Brigus Newfoundland (in August 1875) is now a National Historic Site.

2. Scientists:
Henri Beuchat, Anthropologist
A. Forbes Mackay, Surgeon/Doctor
George Malloch, Geologist
Bjarne Mamen, Assistant Topographer
William L. McKinlay, Magnetician and Meteorologist
James Murray, Oceanographer

3. Crew:
Alex Anderson, First Officer
Charles Barker, Second Officer
John Brady, Seaman
George Breddy, Fireman
Ernest Chafe, Messroom Boy
John Hadley, hunter
E. Golightly, Seaman
Fred W. Maurer, Fireman
Stanley Morris, Seaman
John Munro, Chief Engineer
Robert Templeman, Cook and Steward
H. Williams, Seaman
Robert Williamson, Second Engineer

4. Local Assistants:
Kuraluk and Kiruk, and their daughters Helen and Mugpi, Hunter and Seamstress
Claude Kataktovik, Hunter