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Northern People, Northern Knowledge - 
The Story Of The Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913 - 1918
New Lands: Explorations of the Northern Party



CAE Northern Party 1913-1918

1914 Beaufort Sea Exploration
Support Party: Bernard, Castel, Crawford, Johansen, McConnell, Wilkins,
Ice Party: Ole Andreasen, Stefansson, Storkersen, Thomsen.

1915 Support Party: Crawford, Natkusiak, Wilkins.
New Land (Brock, Mackenzie King) Party: Ole Andreasen, Stefansson, Storkersen, Thomsen.

1916 Support Party (Mary Sachs, Banks Island): Bernard, Knight, Thomsen, Jennie and Annie Thomsen, and "four other eskimos" (Stefansson 1921): Ammagana, Iyituaryuk, and others unknown.
1916 Support Party (Melville Island): Lopez and Uttaktuak, Storkersen's wife and two baby daughters, and "five other eskimos" (Stefansson 1921): Alingnak, Guninana, Ikiuna, Pikalu, Ulipsinna.
1916 Discovery Party: Support Party: Illun, H. Kilian, M. Kilian, Storkersen, Thomsen, Wilkins.
1916 New Land Party: [Karsten] Andersen, Castel, Emiu, Natkusiak, Noice and Stefansson.

1917 Support Party: Andersen, Castel, Illun, Natkusiak, Pikalu, Storkersen, Ulipsinna.
1917 New Land Party: Emiu, Knight, Noice, Stefansson.

1918 Beaufort Sea Ice Party (12 men)
Support Party: [Karsten] Andersen, Castel, Emiu, Illun, H. Kilian, Pikalu, and Fred Wolki.
Ice Party: Gumaer, M. Kilian, Knight, Masik, Storkersen.
Barter Island Camp: support party plus Donahue, Hadley, Pipsuk, Pausanna, Pannigabluk (and son Alex), Shannon and others.

(Information based on Stefansson 1921 and various diaries).