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The Story Of The Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913 - 1918
New Lands: Explorations of the Northern Party



Winter Camp

"Remained in camp today, S[light]B[reeze] from SE, snowdrifting, unable to travel on account of the women in the party. Capt. Gonzales with Jim Figi arrived at 2 pm. They had seen our trail and followed it to camp. Gonzales reports the death of Jones during our absence from the Polar Bear. He (Capt) left on the 18th, but was storm bound most of the time. Storkerson, Charlie, and Herman were away when he left. He expects them to be back from the Bay of Mercy by now. All well at home except Hadly who has a bruised arm from an encounter with a Polar Bear. The preparations for the ice trip are nearly completed. We spent the day in exchanging news and in watching the natives performing tricks with strings, etc., some are very clever at it. [Weather] SB from SE drifting, clear sky, fairly warm" (Noice Diary, Jan 27, 1916).

CMC CD96-650-002

A. Castel and H. Noice, with dogs and loaded sled ready to leave the northwest coast of Borden Island for Cape Isachsen and exploration beyond. Nunavut. May 21, 1916. VS 50695. Source: Canadian Museum of Civilization


Three men in front of loaded sled: Emiu (left), Billy Natkusiak, and Karsten (Charles) Andersen (right), northwest coast of Borden Island, N.W.T. May 21, 1916. VS 50697. Source: Canadian Museum of Civilization

CMC CD96-663-029

Tent with two dogs and man on gravel shore, probably the "new Land" of Meighen Island, Nunavut. June 1916. VS 51684. Source: Canadian Museum of Civilization