Creating the Dinner Service
The Artists
M. Roberts


M. Roberts is an enigma. Her first name is never listed in the newspapers or even in the records of the WAAC. She is known to have been a member of the WAAC from 1896 to 1900. The one possible clue to her identity - that in 1896 she lived at 39 D'Arcy Street in Toronto - has so far produced no results. Percy Roberts of Roberts & Sons, Picture Framers (later the Roberts Gallery) had lived at that address in 1892. By 1894, one Annie S. Roberts, the widow of Albert T.M. Roberts, lived there, the Roberts & Sons business having moved to 79 King Street West.

The son of Percy Roberts, the artist Tom Roberts of Port Credit, has been unable to discover the identity of M. Roberts or even if she was a relative. The mystery and the search continue.

M. Roberts painted 12 salad plates for the dinner service.

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