Face to Face: The Canadian Personalities Hall
Introduction Personalities Play a Game Educators
In the Classroom
Inspire, create, build, challenge, delight, remember, grow, encourage, invent, dare, confront
Activities for Grades 6-8 Quebec: Cycle 3 (Year 2) to Secondary 2
Activities for Grades 9-10 Quebec:  Secondary 3 and 4

Bring inspirational and controversial Canadians into your classroom!
This online educational program of the Face to Face exhibition promotes cross-curricular learning through activities specially designed for classrooms
across Canada.

Introduce your students to Canadians
from across the country and across time. Your students will assess the impact
of these famous and not-so-well-known personalities on the lives of ordinary Canadians. Through hands-on activities, your students will gain a deeper understanding of those who have inspired, created, built, fought and governed.

Activities for Grades 11-12 Quebec:  Secondary 5