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Timothy Eaton, 1834-1907 Retailer - Biography
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Timothy Eaton, 1903

Timothy Eaton, 1903
City of Montreal, Document and Archives Management Ægidius Fauteux fonds (BM1)P0643

Signature of Timothy Eaton
Archives of Ontario, T. Eaton Co. fonds
Box 6, F 229
Used with permission of Sears Canada Inc.

Changing the face of shopping

Many things we take for granted today - fixed prices, price tags, money-back guarantees - came from the fertile brain of Timothy Eaton. In 1869, he founded what was to become the T. Eaton Co. Ltd.: in its day, the largest, busiest, brightest retailing and mail-order enterprise in Canada. Through brilliant organization and innovation, Eaton surpassed all of his rivals and created a Canadian institution. A man of determination, he made his name synonymous with service and reliability. Personally devout, Eaton shaped his business according to the Methodist creed of honesty, self-reliance and hard work. He had no time for unions.

quote Promise them not only bargains, but that every article will be found
just what it is guaranteed to be. Use no deception in the smallest
degree - nothing you cannot defend before God or Man. quote

Timothy Eaton

Signature of Timothy Eaton

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