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Thomas D’arcy Mcgee, 1825–1868 Journalist and politician – Biography
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Thomas D’Arcy McGee

Thomas D’Arcy McGee
Photo: William James Topley
Library and Archives Canada

Signature of Thomas D’Arcy McGee
McCord Museum, Montreal

The struggle for Canada

Thomas D’Arcy McGee was the most powerful political orator of his era.
As a young man in Ireland, he fought the British and opposed the Catholic
Church. Years later, as a journalist and politician in Canada, he hotly
defended the interests of the immigrant Irish.

In maturity, McGee turned from rebellion to conservatism. He returned to
the Church. He used his eloquence to support the new Canadian
Confederation — promoting religious freedom, minority rights and national
unity under the British Crown. Former associates called him “turncoat”, and
his change of heart led to his assassination in 1868.

quote You can hardly imagine the interest I now take in this country [Canada] and all that belongs to it. . . . But it does not and never can supply the field for mental labour and affectionate inspiration which Ireland would have been. quote

Thomas D’Arcy McGee, 1864

Signature of Thomas D’Arcy McGee

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