Face to Face: The Canadian Personalities Hall
Introduction Personalities Play a Game Educators
Meet the Personalities
We inspired We founded We fought We built We governed
We inspired- We created works and accomplished feats that enriched our culture and our lives.
Gabrielle Roy Peter Pitseolak Gabrielle Roy
Mordecai Richler Herman Smith (Jackrabbit) Johannsen
Arthur Lismer  
We founded- We created institutions that moulded the country’s social, economic and spiritual character.
Timothy Eaton Alphonse Desjardins Lotta Hitschmanova
Brother André, Alfred Bessette Adelaide Hoodless
Lotta Hitschmanova  
We fought- We fought passionately for a cause through actions, words, public demonstrations and military engagements.
Louis-Joseph, Marquis de Montcalm James Wolfe Nellie McClung Mary Brant and Joseph Brant
Thomas D’Arcy McGee Pierre Bourgault  
Joseph Brant Mary Brant  
We built- We shaped Canada’s landscapes: waterways, mountains, cities and countryside.
David Thompson James Harkin Samuel de Champlain
Samuel de Champlain Francis Rattenbury
Jules Timmins William Logan
We governed- We achieved power and led communities, province and the country.
Sir John A. Macdonald Pierre Elliott Trudeau Jeanne Sauvé
Tommy (Thomas Clement) Douglas Jeanne Sauvé
Joey (Joseph Roberts) Smallwood  
We inspired We founded We fought We built We governed