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Project Background
In 1999, Gabriel met with Chris Bennedsen, who, by then, was living in a tall apartment building that offered a splendid view of Toronto. In the following months, Gabriel interviewed Chris on his life experiences and compiled an inventory of his letter collection. He eventually gave a paper on the subject at a conference in Moncton which, in collaboration with Yves Frenette, appeared in the publication More than Words. The collection is very special because not only had Chris saved the letters he received from his parents, brothers and sisters, and friends in Denmark, he had the letters he had written to them from Canada. In addition to the letters, there were photographs, pay stubs, work diaries, greeting cards, newsletters, and much more.

My CPM colleague, Bianca Gendreau, hired Carol Anderson to prepare a complete inventory of the collection. Carol worked with Gaetanne Blais over the ensuing months and years until the collection was finally deposited in the CMCC Archives in 2001.

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