The Ballroom Costumes

The Reconstructed Victorian Ballroom
The Reconstructed Victorian Ballroom

Several of the actual costumes that were worn to the balls have survived in museum and private collections. They were on display in the reconstructed Victorian ballroom shown above, in the Dressing up Canada exhibition at the Canadian Museum of Civilization until January, 1999. To learn more about these costumes click on the thumbnail view below.

Dress worn by Mrs. McLeod Stewart
Shirt worn by Hayter Reed
Dress worn by Miss Bloomfield
Costume worn by Grant Walker
Dress worn by Mrs. Forsyth-Grant
Dress worn by Miss Van Horne
Suit worn by Dr. Herbert Birkett
Dress worn by Mlle Terroux
Coat worn by Colin Campbell
Dress worn by Lady Van Horne
Dress worn by Miss Barnard
Costume worn by Norman Leslie