Ritual Messengers

The Peoples of Central Africa

  By means of the different exhibits, we have attempted to paint a global and homogenous image of the most important cultural regions of Central Africa (Zaïre, the Republic of the Congo and Angola). The artifacts have been displayed according to cultural area. Beginning along the mighty Zaïre River, our itinerary takes us in a counter-clockwise direction, across the "Kwango" territory and the Kasai and then — after a brief southward excursion into Angola — to the Shaba region. We then travel north along the lakes that constitute the natural boundary with Burundi and Rwanda, ending with a turn that leads us to the north-west corner of Zaïre.
1. The Kongo | 2. The Beembe | 3. The Teke | 4. The Nkanu, Zombo, Yaka, Suku and Mbala | 5. The Mbuun, Hungaan, Pende and Holo | 6. The OviMbundy | 7. The Tshokwe | 8. The Salampasu, Lwalu, Kete, Kambulu and Bindji | 9. The Luluwa | 10. The Kuba, Lele and Ndengese | 11. The Songye | 12. The Luba | 13. The Hemba | 14. The Tabwa | 15. The Bembe and Boyo | 16. The Lega | 17. The Metoko | 18. The Mboloe | 19. The Mangbetu and Zande | 20. The Boa | 21. The Ngbaka, Ngbandi and Mbanja | 22. The Ntomba and Loi

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