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Hanuman is the great monkey god, and has supernatural strength and magic powers. Hanuman's great friendship for Rama helps Rama to save Sita.

Hanuman was a monkey god who lived in the valley of flowers. His father was the god of the wind. His mother was a princess. Hanuman was as strong as a hurricane, and his magic powers allowed him to transform himself from an ordinary monkey into a giant.

Hanuman   Hanuman

Hanuman became the best friend of Rama, a prince whose father sent him to live in the forest. When Hanuman learned that Rama's wife had been kidnapped by a demon called Ravana, he promised his friend that he would find her.

Hanuman found Sita in the garden of Ravana's palace on the island of Lanka. The demons set fire to Hanuman's tail, but Hanuman was able to use his powers to stay cool. Using his burning tail, he set the entire kingdom of Lanka on fire, then flew away. He later came back to Lanka with Rama, who used his bow and arrow to kill Ravana.

With an army of monkeys, Hanuman and Rama fought the demons and set Sita free. Afterwards, they returned to the forest. Hanuman remained forever devoted to the couple, whose image is engraved in his heart.


Jatayu   Jatayu

Jatayu is a giant bird who attacks Ravana in his flying chariot, trying to save Sita. In his dying moments, Jatayu tells Rama that it was Ravana who took Sita away to Lanka.