Doukhobors - Spirit Wrestlers

Forward Together

Elsie Campbell leads the congregation in singing this hymn (first four stanzas only); Dona Hadikin and Marcia Strelaeff are the masters of ceremonies on stage at the lectern.

The words to this hymn are attributed to Canadian Doukhobor poet Ivan F. Sysoev (1894-1967).

In unison and trusting in God
We'll strengthen our spirit through battle;
With vigour and might we will build
A path to the kingdom of freedom.

We've emerged from the midst of the commonfolk,
We're children of a family of toilers,
A brotherhood united in freedom,
'Neath this banner so proudly we strive.

It's been long that in darkness we've suffered,
But the hoped-for hour has arrived;
The days of dark gloom have now gone by,
Christ has lighted the pathway for us.

It is time to commence our work!
Let us start with our battle at once.
Is it for us who are free to be fearful
Of jails and of the caprice of kings?

Firmly, and with faith in God,
The chains of oppression we'll sever,
To the whole world we'll open a pathway,
All hate we will conquer with love.

We'll o'erthrow, with our just, divine struggle,
The oppression of ages forever,
O'er the whole world we proudly will raise
The peaceful banner of Christ.