Doukhobors - Spirit Wrestlers

How Fortunate Are They

The Kootenay Men's Choir performs next to a historical suspension bridge that spans the Kootenay River at Brilliant. Built by hand in 1913 by Doukhobors, the bridge was one of the first of its kind in British Columbia.

The song's original (Russian) text is attributed to Fred G. Vereschagin, and was written, reportedly, in the 1930s.

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Richly blessed were all those people
Who stood by their leader's side;
They were faithful to their Saviour,
Leaving Russia's shores behind.

They knew nothing of those hardships
That the leaderless endured;
Spared us children from the sight
Of that awful, bloody flame.

There in streams the blood was flowing
From that gruesome, horrid war.
Rivers formed and went forth freely
From the human blood that poured.

Scores of poor and humble people
Laid their lives there on the plains,
Bearing patiently all hardships,
Dying helplessly in tears.

O my friends, don't leave the pathway
Of our Lord, Creator-Saviour;
Don't forsake His noble banner;
Hold it high 'til end of time.